Every cake is individually priced based upon cake options, size, and complexity. Design possibilities are infinite, and stretch as far as your imagination. Keeping this in mind, this price guide is intended to assist you in choosing the type of design that best suits your style as well as your budget.


Basic Shaped Cakes
These cakes include round, square or rectangle shaped cakes that can be decorated piping buttercream.
Prices From: $45.00 and up

Sculpted Cakes
These cakes include any sculpted, 2 or 3 dimensional cakes. Much more time, precision, and attention to structure are required for these cakes.
Prices From: $65.00 and up

Tiered/Stacked Cakes

These cakes include round or square cakes 2 or more tiers high.
Prices From: $85.00 and up

Standard Cupcakes
These are filled/non-filled cupcakes decorated with buttercream icing. May also include small embellishments (i.e. sprinkles).
Prices From: $15.00/dozen and up

Custom Themed Cupcakes
These cupcakes include any 2 or 3 dimensional designs. Much more time, precision, and attention to structure are required for these cupcakes.
Prices From: $18.00/dozen and up

Basic Cake Pops
These are cake pops with basic cake flavor dipped in milk or white chocolate.

Prices From: $18.00/dozen and up

Decorated Cake Pops
These are cake pops with flavored cake dipped in chocolate and decorated to a theme or design. Price includes wrapping and tags for pops
Prices From: $24.00/dozen and up

For a firm price quote on your specific cake please contact us @, and we will be happy to assist you.


If you are inquiring about pricing please include the following information so that we can give you the most accurate price as possible.

  • Number of guests you anticipate to feed
  • Filling or No Filling
  • Fondant or Buttercream icing
  • Specifications (i.e. details on decor, pictures are helpful)
  • Date needed (to ensure that we are available for your event)
  • Anything else that you might want to add or know about.