About Us

Seby’s Sweets is owned and operated by Seby Sebastian. Seby is an entrepreneur by day and a cake decorator/semi-homemade baker with continuing experience by night. Although she has had Wilton classes to better understand various decorating techniques, she works from home and is mostly self-taught.

Seby’s Sweets has been in the business for several years now. With a kitchen in Northeast Philadelphia and the support of family and friends, Seby Sebastian embarked on a mission to bring sweet confections to the masses. Making home-baked treats for family, friends, and at-home gatherings fueled her passion for pastry and led to the creation of Seby’s Sweets. She has spent a long time perfecting the recipes and continues to experiment with new flavors and ways to improve her existing creations.

Seby’s Sweets’ aim is to create custom cakes based on each customer’s innate style that taste as good as they look. We decorate cakes that are like tiny works of art. All our sweets are made with love right in our kitchen. That means if you are eating one of our cakes, it was baked fresh for you with quality ingredients. All recipes have been a masterpiece in the making with the slightest alteration to create the most delicious cakes & treats.

Our desire is to create a unique product that uses cakes, candies, and frosting to decorate rather than your traditional fondant which is used more for show than actual consumption. This way, you get delicious edible artwork that can be admired first and then devoured later!

We are truly driven by the love of what we create every day, and it comes not just in the form of a cake, but in the knowledge that we truly make people happy every time they bite into a Seby’s Sweet. From first sight to last bite, Seby’s Sweets will leave you asking for more!