Seby's Sweets

Welcome to Seby’s Sweets! You've just arrived at the perfect cake destination! No matter the reason or season, cakes from Seby’s Sweets are the perfect choice to satisfy any sweet tooth. We are a home-style bakery located in NE Philly baking up adorably yummy goodies for all your special events. Seby’s Sweets embodies a passion for desserts that are unique works of art, meant to be shared and savored.

Our mission is to not only bring you the best in cakes, but also to show you our passion in each delectable treat we make. Seby’s Sweets creates innovative and stunning mini masterpieces personally selected for diverse taste and distinctive presentation that are as delightful to the eye as they are to the palate. Whether you are craving a bite or need dessert for a party, big or small, we’d like to become your happy little habit!

Please make sure to sample each and every scrumptious creation as you view Seby’s Sweets’ gallery.

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