• First and foremost I would like to thank God for blessing me with the talent and passion to create such delicious works of art through cakes and cupcakes and to be able to share them with everyone.
  • I would like to thank my good friend Josh Cherian for being my first cake customer and convincing me to share my creative treats with the masses.
  • I would like to thank Mathew Carleton for being inspired to create a very fitting name for my business. Because of him Seby’s Sweet Sensations will be a name that stands out!
  • Very grateful thanks to my sweet sister, Jisa Sebastian, for helping me with my website. Putting in the time to work on the perfect wording and picture layouts was not easy and I definitely could not have done it without her. You’re the best!
  • I would like to thank my husband, Jaison, and son, Jaiden, on numerous occasions when I needed help with my orders; they have offered their assistance to help me when I was in a bind.
  • Thanks to my baby sister, Jesie Davenport for being such a good delivery boy and helping me get my treats to customers in one piece and also for recommending me to repeat customers.
  • Also thanks to my brother-in-law Chad Davenport for helping me on numerous occasions to package the sweets and for also supplying a Sharpie when needed;)
  • I would like to thank my web designer, Prasanth, for being so patient with me through the web designing process and for doing such a fantastic job on the website. I love it!
  • Lastly, I would like to thank all my family, friends and customers for all your support, encouraging words, and business. You all are sensational for making Seby’s Sweet Sensations a whole lot sweeter!